About Us


The Women’s Cycling Group of Staunton was created in August of 2012 as a Facebook group. The intent of the Facebook group was to connect women cyclists within and around Staunton to ride with.  By empowering women with this connection to one another, women in the group noted that they were riding more frequently both within the group and on their own. The group has been a positive experience for many of the riders.

Group with Peace Jan 2012
A taste of Spring in the middle of January!

In an effort to share this experience, it was decided that the group would use the off season of 2012 to organize a regular riding schedule for the spring of 2013. By offering a consistent riding schedule the group hoped to draw more women riders out on the roads.

This year we are simplifying our strategy with one women’s ride per week, and a couple of special event rides throughout the year. The weekly ride will offer two route options, one for the beginner/slow rider and one for the intermediate/stronger rider. This allows for women of all riding abilities to join us on our weekly ride. If you think you are too slow or are unsure of what it is like to ride in a group, then this is the perfect opportunity to get stronger and gain confidence in group cycling.

The Facebook page continues to be a great source for connecting to other riders.